Welcome Guide to Your Newborn Photography Session

We are experts at documenting your baby’s first days and capturing this magical time in heirloom artwork. Follow our seven essential tips to ensure you and your baby have a great newborn photography session!

1. Plan Your Newborn Session with a Professional Photographer Ahead of Time

By scheduling in advance, I will be prepared when your baby decides to make their special arrival!

Most photographers will only do newborn sessions when infants are between 5 to 14 days old when the baby is sleepy, small, and flexible for cute photos. Please try to book during that time to ensure the best results. However, even if you have passed that time, don’t worry; I can deliver beautiful photos of your child regardless! Our newborn sessions are customized for babies up until eight months.

For a newborn photoshoot, I invite you to reserve your spot in my schedule as soon as possible so that I can secure a spot for you. Please book an appointment about a week after your due date. I ask my clients to call me after the baby is born to confirm or adjust the appointment if needed.

2. Imagine Your Dream Newborn Photoshoot in Brooklyn and Manhattan

For a stress-free experience, you must take the time before the session to choose the styling and type of photo you want. Please review my newborn photoshoot portfolio ahead of time, and select 3 contrasting color themes to ensure a variety of styles. Please list your three favorite colors for the background and accents by order of preference: white, beige, khaki, brown, black, light gray, dark gray, pink, salmon, baby blue, navy blue, sage green, pistachio, pine green, mustard, golden wheat, and purple. Please go to my Instagram page to review the “Newborn” and “Newborn Background” Stories and send me all your favorite options as an Insta-message so that I can learn about your taste and family style. I will use this thread as a mood board during the shoot. This also helps me lay out all the right props before you arrive.

3. Keep Your Baby Engaged but Calm Before Your Newborn Photo Session

The goal is for the baby to be calm and stay asleep during the newborn photoshoot. Please keep your newborn engaged and tired in the few hours before the shoot. If possible, we ask that you please feed and change the baby right before your session to limit the amount of time spent feeding during the shoot.

Transportation tends to soothe the baby to sleep. We will try to keep the baby asleep by moving them very gently. Please dress them in large, easy-to-remove clothes so we don’t upset the baby while changing outfits.

It would be helpful if you avoid scheduling vaccinations and/or other potential causes of stress before coming to the shoot.

With 15 years of experience shooting newborns and babies, I have developed techniques to soothe your little one to sleep and work with and around possible tears.

4. Skin Relief for Your Professional Newborn Photoshoot

Please apply organic coconut oil or baby moisturizer several times before your photo session. Moisturizing greatly improves the baby’s skin’s appearance in your final photos. In the case of a severe rash, refer to your doctor. If you have doubts about whether we should reschedule our shoot, please send me a photo of your baby’s skin to see if we should reschedule. Additional retouched images are available upon request. In the case of a rash, or severe dryness, it may be better to wait for the medicine to take effect and reschedule five days after the doctor’s visit. If you have doubts, please send me a photo of your baby for verification.

Before the session, change your baby’s diaper into a loose, clean one. A loose diaper is best to avoid creating red diaper marks on their tiny waist and delicate skin.

5. Feed Your Baby 20-30 Minutes Before Your Newborn Photo Session

Feeding your baby 30 minutes before your photo session is helpful so they will be ready to sleep. Warm milk equals a happy and model-ready baby!

Please bring your feeding and changing kit. I also strongly recommend bringing bottled milk and a pacifier to the photo shoot. If breastfeeding, it would be helpful to have some pumped milk ready in a bottle to feed and soothe the baby’s onset without moving them. It is usual for a baby to get fussy at some point during the photoshoot. We will change, feed and cuddle the baby until they fall asleep.

6. What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Photography

We have created a great blog recommendation for your family portrait. Please take the time to review it here. We ask that you bring a few matching or harmonizing tops for your family portrait. For example, you and your partner can wear cashmere sweaters, t-shirts, or blouses in a similar tone. Off-white, gray, pastel colors, or a simple black generally works well. I will provide the wrap for the baby. Please refer to the newborn portfolio for inspiration!

Our staff has also compiled a list of professional hair and makeup artists for your convenience. You can see our stylists here.

If you are more inclined towards minimal and natural styling, you’re very welcome to come as you are. Feel free to review my blog post, 10 Makeup Tips from an NYC Professional Photographer.

7. Hand Shots During Your Family Portrait Photoshoot

Your hands may show in the family portrait. Also, I sometimes ask the parents to hold the baby’s hands and feet to capture detailed shots. Please come to your session with a manicure, as your hands may show in the photo. You do not need to bring any outfit for the baby, I have an extended selection of outfits and props to create the beautiful aesthetic you see on my website. If you wish to integrate a specific prop or item, please bring it along.

8. Keep Your Baby Happy During Your Professional Newborn Photoshoot

We know that excursions with your new infant are stressful, but if you remain calm and assured, so will your little one!

We ask that you supervise the well-being of your child during the shoot. If the baby is fussy, you may help hold a prop or offer a pacifier between shots. The Studio has a changing station, white noise machine, electric blanket, and countless props and outfits to create a comforting experience and unique photos of your little one.

If you need anything at any point during the shoot, please let us know. We have coffee and tea, strong wifi access, and comfortable seating. Sometimes Dad and siblings go on a walk and join for the first ten or last part of the newborn session for the family photos.

9. Ask Your Professional Newborn Photographer What Is Artistic Retouching

With Artistic Retouching, I will remove or reduce imperfections to improve the overall image, background, and subject. I remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, eczema, and dry patches, and erase dark circles. My style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural. Furthermore, on request, I can slim double chins and help silhouette enhancement. At your request, I can also whiten your teeth and improve the overall appearance of your hair. I strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.

10. Ornate Your Home with Heirloom Artwork of Your Newborn

Remember where the prints and enlargement will be displayed can help with the color selection.

Also, I found a study that surveyed 15,591 families about the value of printed photos vs. digital images. They found that prints help families connect more than digital images. Prints create more confident kids, improving their imagination, self-esteem, and identity. Prints remind parents that they’re doing a good job, leading to more engaged and capable parents. Prints help partners feel more connected. How inspiring!

After the shoot, you will receive a private online proofing gallery. You can order your prints, enlargements, canvases, holiday cards, and more from your online Gallery. Please book your appointment early to ensure we have a space for you. I am very much looking forward to our photoshoot. See you on set!

11. On-Site Newborn Photoshoots

I also offer photo sessions at clients’ homes for an extra fee. I can bring you all the necessary equipment for baby and family sessions. You do not need to worry about lighting; I will bring professional studio lighting equipment. The choice of props, scenic backgrounds, and styling is identical to studio photoshoots. You can experience a high-end newborn or family session in the comfort of your home with equal results.

Read more about your Newborn Experience online. I am looking forward to meeting your family and sharing this sweet moment that you will remember for life with heirloom artwork!