Welcome Guide to Your Portrait Photography Session

A professional headshot is a keystone to your professional success. I aim to create a distinguished, captivating, and influential portrait to enhance your career. Here are seven helpful, professional headshot photography tips to make your next headshot stand out.

1. How Do I Schedule My Professional Headshot Photography Session?

When you are ready, I invite you to reserve your spot in my schedule.

After setting up your schedule, your first step is to review my portfolio and share the photos that resonate with you.

2. Imagine Your Dream Professional Photoshoot in Brooklyn and Manhattan

For a stress-free experience, take the time before the session to choose the styling and type of photo you want. Please review my portfolio ahead of time. Please visit my Instagram to review the “Headshot” and “Adult Portrait” Stories and Posts and send me all your favorite options as an Insta-message. That way, I will learn about your taste and style. I will use this thread as a mood board during the shoot.

3. Do I Need to Book a Hair and Makeup Artist Before My Portrait Session?

Another way to enhance the effect of your headshot is to pay attention to your hair. Eliminating distracting frizz and flying hair help you win a lot of time during your session. Untamed hair can be a big distraction on photo sets. Making sure your hair looks good and stays in place throughout the session is critical.  

Having hair and makeup professionally done before your photoshoot can create a more sophisticated and glamorous style. Our staff has also compiled a list of recommended professional hair and makeup stylists for your convenience. While we do not provide in-house extended hair and makeup, I will be doing powder touch up and fixing your hair in place between shots.

I also offer some recommendations for professionals on my Instagram. Please see the highlight named “Beauty.” Timing-wise, allow yourself a few hours before the shoot to have your hair and makeup done at a salon or home.

4. Can I DIY My Hair and Makeup Before My Professional Photoshoot?

If you are more inclined towards minimal and natural styling, you’re welcome to come as you are or with simple makeup. Feel free to review my blog post, 10 Makeup Tips from an NYC Professional Photographer.

Your eyes are one of the most essential features of your photo. A photo where your eyes are bright and sparkling will make your face jump off the page. Getting proper rest and eliminating stress will help you look relaxed and prepared.  Looking great for your shoot can be as simple as a whole night’s rest. Your breakfast should be light and healthy, nothing that will slow you down or make you feel less than your best. Your body and mind will feel refreshed, and thank you for it!

5. Where to Shop Before My Professional Headshot?

Your clothing should make you feel comfortable and self-assured. Choose only clothing that is of good quality, as it will reflect your professional image. It is essential to take some time before the session to consider and select the styling and type of photo you want. Please refer to the portfolio for inspiration! Some of our favorite stores include Steven Alan, Ralph Lauren, Macy, Hanna Andersson, Zara, H&M, and Gap, no need to break the bank!

6. Artistic Retouching Services for Portrait Photography

With Artistic Retouching, I will remove or reduce imperfections to improve the overall image, background, and subject. This includes skin and silhouette enhancement. I remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, eczema, and dry patches, and erase dark circles. My style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights looking natural. I strive to make my models look their absolute best while still looking like themselves.

I take great pride in creating refined and flattering photographs that make my clients look professional, influential, and relatable.  I am looking forward to working with you!