High Resolution Digital Images

After your photoshoot, you'll receive your color-enhanced, high-resolution digital images. I meticulously edit out blinks, blurs, and any 'in-between' shots, presenting all session pictures for your review. Each package includes a set number of high-resolution digital images available for download from your online gallery. Additionally, you can choose your favorite images for Artistic Retouching and Fine Art Digital Composition from the same gallery. If you wish to purchase extra images beyond your package, feel free to inquire.

Newborn Artistic Retouching

With Our Artistic Retouching, our skilled retoucher will elevate your portraits to editorial excellence. Collaborating closely with you, we'll bring your vision to life, delicately enhancing details or orchestrating dramatic transformations. From softening dry skin to erasing blemishes and diaper marks, and removing umbilical cord, together, we'll create images that capture your baby’s beauty. Each image is meticulously crafted to ensure a breathtaking final result. Explore our before/after gallery to witness the transformative power of Artistic Retouching. 

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Introducing Fine Art Digital Composition

Step into a world where imperfections vanish, and beauty shines through. With our artistic retouching services, every image becomes a masterpiece. From softening wrinkles to erasing blemishes, I enhance your natural features while preserving your unique essence. Let me sculpt your silhouette, brighten your smile, and perfect your hair. Together, we'll create images that capture your beauty. Explore our before/after gallery to witness the transformative power of Artistic Retouching.

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Elevating Your Memories with Fine Art Digital Composition: Creating Unique Pieces

Experience the magic of our fine art digital composition, seamlessly integrating your newborn into a stunning scenic background of your choice. From enchanting baskets to playful swings, these compositions add an extra layer of artistry, creating timeless pieces you'll treasure for years.

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Capturing Memories, Creating Legacies
Fine Art Printing at Le Studio NYC

There's something truly magical about seeing your cherished memories come to life in print, creating a tangible link to the moments that matter most. Not only does printing family photos enhance the aesthetic of your space, but it also fosters a deep sense of comfort and belonging for children, reinforcing their connection to their loved ones. Displaying these printed treasures throughout your home serves as a constant reminder of the love and bond shared within your family, nurturing a warm and welcoming environment for all. Let us help you transform your digital memories into beautiful prints that will brighten your home and enrich your family's daily life.

Creating Heirloom Artworks Elevate your cherished photographs with our premium printing services

Within weeks after your session, you will be able to order your final prints. We offer many options to showcase your captured moments, from prints to framed prints, greeting cards to albums. Our professional-grade archival paper ensures vibrant colors and sharp image quality, preserving the essence of your memories for generations. Transform your favorite photographs into treasured heirlooms.

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