Welcome Guide to Your Family Portrait Photography Session

Clothing choices can truly make or break a session. It is worth spending some time selecting your outfits. Please read along if you are wondering what you and your family should wear for your session. Which outfit should my partner or kid wear for the family photoshoot?

1. What Color Theme for Your Family Photoshoot?

We ask that you bring a few matching or harmonizing tops for your family portrait. If you want to keep it simple, neutral tones such as off-white, grey, pastel colors, or a simple black generally work well. Another option is to select two complementary colors and choose your outfits in shades of those color palettes. You can start with one statement piece with a classic pattern – for most clients, it is mom’s outfit – and then pick up clothing for the rest of the family that draws from this outfit’s color palette.

2. Family Portrait Styling and Texture

You and your family can wear similar styles: formal, casual, preppy, country chic, boho, lumberjack, or summer beachwear. Consider harmonizing your textures, patterns, cashmere sweaters, cotton, t-shirts, or chiffon. Please stay away from logos and neon colors for the photoshoot. Pinterest and Instagram are always great sources of inspiration.

Our staff has also compiled a list of professional hair and makeup artists for your convenience. You can see our stylists here.

If you are more inclined towards minimal and natural styling, you’re very welcome to come as you are. Feel free to review my blog post, 10 Makeup Tips from an NYC Professional Photographer.

3. Don’t Forget to Accessorize for Your Family Portrait

If you wish to add more depth to your outfit, we suggest accessories such as scarves, hats, and jewelry! Hats, suspenders, bows, and ties are also welcome.

4. Feel Beautiful and Comfortable During Your Photoshoot

Be sure to wear something that is both comfortable and fits well. So everyone can have a lovely photoshoot!

5. Where to Shop for Your Family Professional Photo Session?

Please refer to the portfolio for inspiration! Some of our favorite stores include Steven Alan, Ralph Lauren, Macy, Hanna Andersson, Zara, H&M, and Gap, no need to break the bank!

6. How to Enlarge And Frame Your Professional Family Portrait?

Keeping in mind where the prints and enlargement will be displayed in your home can help with the color selection of your outfit. Take a moment to look at the decor and color theme of the room where your photos will be displayed.

Also, I found a study that surveyed 15,591 families about the value of printed photos vs. digital images. Here’s what they found:

Prints help families connect more than digital images. It create more confident kids, improving their imagination, self-esteem, and identity. Prints remind parents that they’re doing a good job, leading to more engaged and capable parents. Prints help partners feel more connected.

After the shoot, you will receive a private online proofing gallery. You can order your prints, enlargements, canvases, holiday cards, and more from your online Gallery.

Please book your appointment early to ensure we have a space for you. I am very much looking forward to our photoshoot. See you on set!