Welcome Guide to Your Pregnancy Photography Session

We offer an invaluable experience to honor your pregnancy and capture that special glow that only mothers-to-be exude. Please read those few notes and prepare before the shoot to get the best out of your session!

1. When Is the Best Time to Schedule My Pregnancy Photography Session?

The ideal period is around the 7th month when the belly has reached a beautiful shape. Around that time, body swelling is still low, you still have a lot of energy for a photoshoot, and the baby is unlikely to have made an early appearance. Please book your appointment early to ensure we have a space for you.

2. Imagine Your Dream Maternity Photoshoot

It is essential to take some time before the session to consider and select the styling and type of photos you want. Please review my maternity photoshoot portfolio ahead of time. If you need some guidance, keeping in mind where the final prints and enlargement might be displayed in your home can help motivate the color selection. Please visit my Instagram to review the “Maternity” and “Windows” Stories and Posts. Send me all your favorite options through Instagram DMs so I can learn about your taste and style. I will use this thread as a vision board during the shoot.

3. What Should I Wear for My Professional Maternity Session?

I provide a curated wardrobe of fabrics and silks for you to choose from. Most photos on my website were created using the studio’s wide selection of beautiful, elegant props and outfits. Please refer to the portfolio to get inspired and see your favorite styles! It is worth spending some time selecting your outfits.

4. What Should I Bring to My Pregnancy Photoshoot?

Please bring a seamless strapless bra and underwear that matches your skin tone. Pick a bra push-up style, not an adhesive Bra. I will custom mold the fabric onto your body, and the bras will help fix the material and create a beautiful shape. Target and Ardene have a selection of push-up bras for various skin tones. Some other personal items you can bring are a stretchy tube dress, an elegant robe or gown, a bodysuit, stockings, and, if you are comfortable, lingerie or nice underwear. Accessories such as hats and jewelry are always great.

5. Details and Accents in Your Baby Bump Photoshoot

Your hands and your partner’s hands may show up in close up during your session. Make sure to have a basic but clean manicure for your photo session.

6. Which Outfit Should My Partner or Baby Wear for Our Family Portrait Photography?

We have created a great blog recommendation for your family portrait. Please take the time to review it here. We ask that you bring a few matching or harmonizing tops for your family portrait. I will have gowns in many colors for you. Your partner could wear an elegant suit, tuxedo, or other formal and traditional costumes to match you when you wear a gown. Please refer to the Maternity portfolio for inspiration! You, too, can also wear a more casual outfit, such as jeans, a leather jacket, or a T-shirt, to add a variety of styles to your shoot.

Be sure to wear something that is both comfortable and fits well. So everyone can feel good and have a lovely photoshoot! Please stay away from logos and neon colors for the photoshoot. If you wish to add more depth to your outfit, we suggest accessories such as scarves, hats, jewelry, etc.

7. Do I Need to Book a Hair and Makeup Artist Before My Portrait Photography Session?

Having hair and makeup professionally done before your photoshoot can create a more sophisticated and glamorous style. While we do not provide in-house extended hair and makeup, I will be doing powder touch up and fixing your hair in place between shots.

I also offer some recommendations for professionals on my Instagram. Please see the highlight named “Beauty.” Timing-wise, allow yourself a few hours before the shoot to have your hair and makeup done at a salon or home. Our staff has also compiled a list of professional hair and makeup artists for your convenience. You can see our stylists here. If you are more inclined towards minimal and natural styling, you’re very welcome to come as you are. Feel free to review my blog post, 10 Makeup Tips from an NYC Professional Photographer.

8. Is There a Discount if I Purchase a Maternity and a Newborn Photoshoot Together?

You will receive a 10% discount if you purchase both packages upfront. If you are buying a newborn session after your maternity, you will receive a 10% discount on your newborn session! I am looking forward to seeing your family grow and will reward returning customers.

9. Retouching Services for Your Maternity Photography

With Artistic Retouching, I will remove or reduce imperfections to improve the overall image, background, and subject. I remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, eczema, and dry patches, and erase dark circles. My style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights naturally. Furthermore, on request, I can slim double chins and help silhouette enhancement. At your request, I can also whiten your teeth and improve the overall appearance of your hair. I strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.

10. Fine Art Digital Composition for Your Pregnancy Photography

With the Fine Art Digital Composition, I will photoshop the subject into a scenic background from our portfolio.  Options for Maternity include flying silks and windowed silhouettes. The Fine Art Digital Composition includes Artistic Retouching as described above. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.

11. Decorate Your Home with Your Maternity and Family Photography

Remember where the prints and enlargement will be displayed can help with the color selection.

Also, I found a study that surveyed 15,591 families about the value of printed photos vs. digital images. They found that, prints help families connect more than digital images. Prints create more confident kids, improving their imagination, self-esteem, and identity. Prints remind parents that they’re doing a good job, leading to more engaged and capable parents. Prints help partners feel more connected. How inspiring!

After the shoot, you will receive a private online proofing gallery. You can order your prints, enlargements, canvases, holiday cards, and more from your online Gallery.

Please book your appointment early to ensure we have a space for you. I am very much looking forward to our photoshoot. See you on set!

Read more about your Maternity Experience online. I am looking forward to meeting your family and sharing this sweet moment that you will remember for life with heirloom artwork!