Welcome Guide to Your Baby Photography Session

Those first months of your child’s life are precious but pass by quickly. Every new month represents an accomplishment, and a baby photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate and remember those unique milestones in your baby’s life.

1. When Should I Schedule My Toddler Photography Session?

I invite you to reserve your spot in my schedule soon. The milestone photoshoot aims to capture the wonderful and different stages of your baby’s growth from 9 months to 36 months. The most common steps are when your baby learns to sit up, your baby’s first steps, and the 1st and 2nd birthdays. It would be helpful for us if you avoid scheduling vaccinations and/or other potential causes of stress before coming to the photoshoot.

2. What Should My Baby Wear to The Photoshoot?

Please review my portfolio beforehand, and select a color theme: pink, yellow, green, purple, gray, or cream. Remember where the prints and enlargement will be displayed can help with the color selection.

I offer an extended selection of baby outfits and props for you to choose from. Our signature sets include simple portraits with Furs and Flowers, a Baby Bed, and Bathtub Blast. Feel free to shop for a special “1YO baby photoshoot outfit” on Etsy or Amazon. If you wish to integrate a specific prop or sentimental item, please bring it along.

Please go to my Instagram to review the “1YO” and “Baby Milestone photos” in the Feed and the Stories, and send me all your favorite options as an Insta-message so I can learn about your taste and family style. I will use this thread as a mood board during the shoot. This also helps me lay out all the right props before you arrive.

3. Which Outfit Should We Wear for The Family Portrait?

We have created a great blog of recommendation for your family portrait. Please take the time to review it here.  To prepare for the photo session, we ask that you and your family select one or two complementary color palettes and choose your outfits in shades of those palettes. Neutral tones are a good option for photoshoots (i.e., grays, browns, creams, pastels). You may also choose to base the rest of your family’s outfits on, for example, your parents or siblings. They may have a unique piece of clothing from which you can draw colors for your outfits. If you plan to present the photographs in your home, you may want to try to match your outfits to the decor and colors in the room in which they will be displayed.

We strongly advise against wearing logos and neon colors for the photoshoot. If you wish to add more depth to your outfit, we suggest accessories such as scarves, hats, jewelry, etc.

Be sure to wear something that is both comfortable and fits well. We don’t want anyone to be fussy during the shoot, so things can go smoothly and quickly!

Our staff has also compiled a list of professional hair and makeup artists for your convenience. You can see our stylists here.

If you are more inclined towards minimal and natural styling, you’re very welcome to come as you are. Feel free to review my blog post, 10 Makeup Tips from an NYC Professional Photographer.

4. What Cake to Choose for My Cake Smash Photoshoot?

If you booked a Cake Smash, the studio provides a selection of faux cakes in multiple colors matching your selected color of outfit and props. We offer yogurt and whipped cream to create a messy smashing effect on your baby’s hands and face. If your child has a dairy allergy, please bring your white yogurt. If you wish, you are welcome to bring your real cake in a matching color, Whole food has a great selection of small 6” cakes for babies. The cake’s size should be about 6”, you can order a cake from a bakery or bring a homemade one. Before the session, I recommend doing a home test with a cake or cupcake with frosting, especially if the child has never tasted a cake! All the colors of the rainbow look amazing! Yellow, green, blue, pink. I only discourage the use of red and brown cakes; as a result, it could resemble a horror movie!

5. What Should I Bring to the Photo Studio?

Please bring your own changing kit and feeding kit. I strongly recommend bringing a pacifier, bottled milk, and snacks to the photo shoot. Rice puffs are ideal as they are not too visible on set and won’t leave marks on your baby’s teeth.

6. How Do I Prepare My Baby for The Photoshoot?

We ask that you please feed and change the baby right before your session to avoid feeding during the photoshoot. Please have a Youtube playlist of their favorite animated songs ready to go on your phone. I also strongly recommend bringing bottled milk, their favorite snacks, and a pacifier to the photo shoot. For snacks, small cereal puffs are more discrete in the photo. If breastfeeding, it would be beneficial to have some pumped milk in a bottle to feed and soothe the baby’s onset.

7. What If My Toddler Has Baby Acne or Scratches for The Photoshoot?

If baby acne or scratches are visible, they will be removed in your final Artistic Retouching. Please apply organic coconut oil or baby moisturizer several times before your photo session. Moisturizing greatly improves the baby’s skin’s appearance in your final photos. In the case of a severe rash, refer to your doctor. If you have doubts about whether we should reschedule our shoot, please send me a photo of your baby’s skin to see if we should reschedule.

8. What If My Baby Cries During The Photography Session?

With 15 years of experience photographing babies, I have developed techniques to soothe your baby and work with and around possible tears. Understandably, a baby may get fussy during the photo shoot. We will change, feed and comfort the baby until they calm down. It is infrequent for a baby to cry the whole session, and if it happens, we will reschedule.

9. What Should I Do On the Set During the Photoshoot?

There is space in the studio to relax and have coffee or tea. We ask that you supervise the well-being of your child during the shoot.  Please stay near your child during the photoshoot. If the baby is fussy, you may help hold a prop or offer a pacifier between shots. We may ask you to play your child’s favorite Youtube video, sing a preferred song, or pull out a special treat to make them smile. I will also help create a calm but joyful atmosphere for a successful photoshoot.

10. Keep Your Baby Happy During Your Photoshoot

We know that excursions with your new infant can be a lot, but if you remain calm and assured, so will your little one! If you need anything at any point during the shoot, please let us know. We have coffee and tea, strong wifi access, and comfortable seating. If you want to keep your shoot accessible, we can also visit your home.

I am looking forward to capturing this special moment for your family.

11. At Home Baby and Cake Smash Professional Photoshoots

I also offer photo sessions at clients’ homes for an extra fee. I can bring you all the necessary equipment for baby and family sessions. You do not need to worry about lighting; I will bring professional studio lighting equipment. The choice of props, scenic backgrounds, and styling is identical to studio photoshoots. You can experience a high-end newborn or family session in the comfort of your home with equal results.

12. Decorate Your Home With Heirloom Baby and Family Photography

Remember where the prints and enlargement will be displayed can help with the color selection.

Also, I found a study that surveyed 15,591 families about the value of printed photos vs. digital images. They found that, prints help families connect more than digital images. Prints create more confident kids, improving their imagination, self-esteem, and identity. It remind parents that they’re doing a good job, leading to more engaged and capable parents. Prints help partners feel more connected. How inspiring!

After the shoot, you will receive a private online proofing gallery. You can order your prints, enlargements, canvases, holiday cards, and more from your online Gallery.

Please book your appointment early to ensure we have a space for you. I am very much looking forward to our photoshoot. See you on set!