About Lea, Our Professional Portrait Photographer

Hello, my name is Lea, the founder and portrait photographer of Le Studio NYC. I specialize in editorial, headshot, and portrait photography. Before opening the studio in 2007, I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and earned my Masters in Photography. Le Studio has since established a reputation in New York City and has been the receipient of many awards. I work with the best technology on the market and use a candid and relaxed approach. I value getting to know my client and understanding exactly what they need. Whether you like exploding colors, timeless black and white beauty or a fun vintage retro look, I will craft the perfect photo for you. I will capture your story in natural and professional portraits that you will cherish for life.

Portrait Photographer’s Approach

Great Photo Technique: I use Profoto strobe lighting, the best technology on the market. I create crisp, beautiful lighting that flatters your skin and features. With the very best lenses, I use shallow depth of field to emphasize your eyes and bring out your strongest features.

A Relaxed Subject: My goal is to make you feel at home with a welcoming and relaxed team. I invite you to bring your own music, take breaks when you want, whatever you need to feel at ease. I am there for you and strive to make the shoot focused on you and your needs.

Clear Direction: I will help to bring out the best in you. I encourage lots of movement and playfulness and will follow your lead. If needed, I will help you with clear direction to capture the perfect expression. I never want you to feel that you are holding a pose for the camera. During the shoot, I will give you ample opportunities to review the images in order to get the exact portrait you are looking for.

Prepare for Your Professional Photo Shoot

Clothing: It is important to select clothing that you love, something that makes you feel and look good. I recommend bringing at least five outfits to the shoot. You can never have too many to choose from! Clothing can make a real difference, so it’s worth spending some time selecting and shopping for clothes before the shoot. I recommend avoiding logos, signs and other types of branding that will date your portraits. For group portraits, I recommend that everyone wear similar clothing styles in tones that are similar or complementary. This helps to coordinate the aesthetic and also reduces any distraction that ‘clashing’ clothing may cause. Feel free to refer to our portfolio for inspiration and refer to Lea’s Blog post: 10 Tips to Prepare for your professional portrait.

Makeup and Hair Styling: I recommend natural makeup that perfects your skin tone and enhances your features. You can do your own makeup, or bring your own makeup artist. I also provide makeup artists recommendations upon request. A good makeup artist should have extensive training, experience, and a calm, positive demeanor. Please take a look at Lea’s blog post: 10 Makeup Tips for your professional headshot.

On Set: To help get exactly the portrait you are looking for, I will give you ample opportunities to review the images. We will go back and forth between shooting and reviewing the images until we get the perfect lighting, expression, and style for your portrait.

You can also click here to see more tips so you can be fully prepared for your shoot!

After The Portrait Photography Session

Proofing and Editing: Within 10 business days after the shoot you will receive a download link from our portrait photographer with the photographs from our session. Rush delivery is available upon request. I edit out the blinks, blurs, and obvious ‘in-between shots’ that sometimes come with our style of direction. All the images in this gallery are cropped, color corrected and ready to use. You are free to use these images for your personal use and self-promotion. Even though Le Studio maintains the copyrights, we are very flexible and want you to get the most use out of your photos.

About Retouching: Additionally, I offer to retouch your selection of images. Packages include about 1 to 8 retouched images based on the package you select. I can also retouch extra photographs for $25 per image. I like the retouching to look absolutely natural. Good retouching is impercievable. My retouching style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural. I can remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and dark circles. Furthermore, I will be happy on request to hide double chins and extra weight, as well as whiten teeth or improve the look of your hair by removing frizzy hairs and improving the overall appearance of your hair. I strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

Prints, Card, and Specialty Products: As Le Studio professional portrait Photographer specializing in high-quality photography, we refer you to trusted specialists for printing. I recommend Adorama for prints of your photographs. Their online service is convenient, reasonably priced, and high quality. Information about their services can be found here: www.adoramapix.com. For greeting cards, postcards, and specialty products, I recommend Tinyprints. Their website is www.tinyprints.com.