Adult Headshots Testimonial: Career Boosting

“These are career boosting headshots! Le Studio’s portraits captured the best of me. I’ve been getting more callbacks based just on my actor headshot. I felt very comfortable during the shoot, and it shows throughout the photographs, I love my custom portraits! This is the best investment I’ve made for my career. Thanks, Lea!”

We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in you shoot, resulting in natural and stunning adult headshots.

Actors, musicians, writers, and artists come to our Brooklyn studio for the highest quality headshot. If you are looking for a professional actor’s headshot, take a look at Lea’s portfolio. We invite you to keep in touch by following us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Professional Headshot Photographer: 10 Makeup Tips

The perfect makeup for your professional headshots should give a natural and refined look. Here are some tips from our professional headshot photographer to help your complexion look even and sun-kissed, as well as advice on how to avoid a makeup faux pas in your portrait.

1. Refresh and Regenerate
Clean and refreshed skin looks great in photos. The night before your photo shoot, use a gentle exfoliator before you apply moisturizer to prepare your face for photo finished makeup.

2. Primer
Primer is another great tool to help you look your best. After you have exfoliated and moisturized your face, apply an even layer of primer to smooth out fine lines, large pores, and other imperfections that may show up in your portrait. You’ll now have a great blank canvas to work from.

3. Apply your Makeup in Natural Light
Try to find a window with soft natural light when applying your makeup if possible. Good window light or well-lit mirror is a must have for allowing you to create an attractive, even look.

4. Natural Makeup
Keep your makeup looking natural. If you usually tend to wear strong makeup, consider a lighter version of your typical look. Heavy, overdone makeup can actually add imperfections to an otherwise attractive photo. All you need is a few dabs and dashes of make up that brightens and contours your face to make you look your photo best.

5. Matte Face
Choose a matte foundation with a slightly yellow tint as opposed to white. White tends to reflect the light from the flash, washing out your skin. If your skin tends to get on the oily side, consider carrying a few oil blotting sheets with you, which are great for last minute touch ups. Following this easy fix will provide your portrait with the appearance of a delicate, porcelain like complexion.

6. Bring Out Your Eyes
Thicken and elongate your lashes with a bit of mascara to emphasize your eyes. A good, smooth mascara gives your eyes great definition, and well-proportioned false lashes can also add a great kick to your look without appearing overdone. For eye shadows, wear complimentary or neutral tones. But make sure to leave the shimmery eye shadows back in your makeup box; though they may look nice in person, they can be distracting and unflattering in professional headshots.

7. Lips
Natural colors that enhance the tone of your lips tend to look best. Apply a bit of neutral lip liner around your lips to hold the lipstick in place. Yet again, keep away from the shiny glosses and stick with your favorite natural toned matte lipsticks. Try a tinted lip balm or chapstick to give a nice transparent color that also leaves your lips soft and moisturized.

8. Teeth
For a last minute whitening of your teeth, try brushing with a bit of baking soda and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. This quick fix will brighten up your smile and give you a set of glowing pearly whites that are bound to boost your confidence. After all, you should not only look your best but also feel your best.

9. Blush and Bronzer
Blush and bronzer are great tools to bring out your cheekbones and give your cheeks a defined, rosy look. Swipe a little bronzer under your cheekbones and around the outside of the your face; then, dust a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks for a slightly flushed, glowing look.

10. Picture Perfect
Finish off your makeup masterpiece with a light touch of translucent powder, and you’re ready for your portrait!

Lea of Le Studio NYC

Our professional headshot photographer offers some great makeup tips and reminders to make sure you look flawless in your headshots.

Lea is an award-winning professional headshot photographer who provides professional headshots for individuals in all areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. To see some examples of her work, visit her portfolio. We would love to connect with you through Google+ and LinkedIn.

Actor Headshots: Fresh New Look for your Career

“I’m an actress and I had just moved from Arizona to New York to try to make it in the big city. The style in headshots that is expected in New York is nothing like what it is in Arizona, so I was badly in need of a few updated Headshots. Le Studio NYC has a professional and tasteful aesthetic, and made me look New York ready. The new headshots have been really helpful to my career, and I’ve landed several jobs, which I honestly attribute to having such amazing photos! Le Studio NYC is WONDERFUL, and I recommend them to any actor or actress looking for a little spruce up.”

Rebecca Molina

Are you an actor trying to make it in New York City? Let our professional headshot photographer provide you with career enhancing actor headshots.

Le Studio has created elegant and flattering headshots for actors, musicians, and artists in all areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. For some examples of our professional photographer’s headshot photography, visit her portfolio. We would love to connect with you through LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

Child Portraits Studio: Fun and Exciting

This young boy has finally discovered the solution to his puzzle, as you can tell by his marvelously big smile. We want your child’s individuality to shine and invite you to bring any toys or snacks that will make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Please visit our about page to learn more about the studio.

We are willing to work with any special requests to make the very best child portraits.

If you would like to see more professional portraits, visit our photographer’s portfolio. We love working with families from all areas of New York City, including Williamsbug, Park Slope, and Carroll Gardens. For all the latest updates, stay in touch with us on Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Newborn Portraits Photographer: Sensitive and Elegant

  • newborn photographer

Lea is an experienced and patient newborn portraits photographer for families in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Le Studio is a comfortable environment, perfect for capturing your newborn’s natural expressions. We invite you to visit our professional photographer’s Newborn Photography Portfolio. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions. For updates from the studio, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.