The Newborn Experience


Those first days after your miraculous birth are precious, but pass by quickly. With the right selection of beautiful props, soft knits, and organic backgrounds, award-winning newborn photographer Léa captures your newborn’s most adorable moments so that you’ll never forget how tiny and delicate your baby was.  With 15 years of experience in newborn photography, Léa has developed the techniques to soothe even the fussiest infant and has the tools, materials, and coaching to prioritize safety.

Newborn Experience In Brooklyn - Le Studio NYC
Newborn Experience In New York - Le Studio NYC

Luxury Experience

At our luxury studios, we use high-end studio lighting and a caring atmosphere to create timeless fine art newborn and family photos that you will cherish for life. Conveniently located in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Le Studio’s beautiful spaces are also easy to access. The Studios are equipped with a changing station, white noise machine, electric blanket, and countless props and outfits to create a comforting experience and unique photos of your little one.

Blue Nursery Newborn Baby Photography in Prospect Park - Le Studio NYC

At Home Photoshoots

We also offer in-home sessions for an additional cost. Experience a high-end newborn, baby, or family session in the comfort of your own home with equal results. The choice of props, scenic backgrounds, and styling is identical to studio photoshoots. You do not need to worry about lighting, as I will bring professional studio lighting equipment. 


Newborn Props and Styling

I have an extended selection of adorable outfits, delicate knitwear, wraps, and props to create the signature aesthetic that you see on my website. We also have high-end photo sets of baskets and swings to create those beautiful Fine Art Compositions.  If you wish to integrate a specific prop or item please bring it along. 

Best Newborn Experience In New Jersey - Le Studio NYC

Happy Baby

With 15 years of experience shooting newborns and babies, I have developed many techniques to soothe your little one to sleep and work with and around possible tears. It is normal for a baby to get fussy at some point during the photoshoot. We will change, feed and comfort the baby until they fall back asleep. 

Newborn Photography In Williamsburg- Le Studio NYC

High-Resolution Digital Images

After your photoshoot you will receive your color enhanced, High-Resolution Digital Images. I will edit out the blinks, blurs, and obvious ‘in-between’ shots, and share for your review. Each package comes with a certain number of High-Resolution Digital Images that you will be able to download from your online gallery. From your Online Gallery you will also be able to select your favorite images for Artistic Retouching and the Fine Art Digital Composition. 


Artistic Retouching

With the Artistic Retouching, I will remove or reduce any imperfections to improve the overall image, both background, and subject. This includes skin and silhouette enhancement. I remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, eczema, dry patches, and erase dark circles. My style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural. I strive to make my models look their absolute best while still looking like themself. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.


Fine Art Digital Composition

With the Fine Art Digital Composition, I will photoshop the subject into a scenic background of choice from our portfolio. Options for newborns include baskets and swings. The Fine Art Digital Composition includes Artistic Retouching as described above. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.