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Lea is an award winning newborn photographer based in New York City. Le Studio NYC is a professional photography studio, renowned for its elegant and natural newborn photography. She is a proud member of the American Association of Newborn Photography, promoting safe work practices in the industry.

Newborn Mini PackageBook Now

Package Includes:

  • 20 high-resolution images with basic retouching
  • 5 artistically retouched images printed in 5×7 and 8×10
  • Images of your newborn on one background with one outfit.


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newborn image
newborn image
newborn image
newborn image
newborn image
newborn image
newborn image

Newborn Essentials PackageBook Now

Package Includes:

  • 35 high-resolution images with basic retouching
  • 7 artistically retouched images printed in 5×7 and 8×10
  • Images of your newborn on 3 different background with 3 different outfits.


Newborn Complete PackageBook Now

Package Includes:

  • 50 high-resolution images with basic retouching
  • 10 artistically retouched images printed in 5×7 and 8×10
  • Multiple backgrounds and outfits
  • Parents, siblings, or pets are more than welcome to join in on the fun!


A Guide to Booking the Ideal Photoshoot for your Newborn

When booking a shoot for your newborn, the earlier the better. Within the first 2 weeks of life, the baby is more restful and flexible. This helps us achieve cute photogenic poses and makes the shoot easier and more successful. If you are still unsure about when your baby will be delivered, but are still interested in booking a shoot, we recommend booking a session about a week after your due date. If your baby has not arrived a few days before the appointment, we can reschedule your session for the following week. If something else comes up, your appointment can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the shoot. Your deposit is fully refundable within a week prior to the shoot.

Preparing for Your Newborn Session

The goal is for the baby to sleep and stay asleep throughout the photoshoot. The few hours leading up to the shoot, please try to keep your baby engaged and tired. If possible, please feed them right before your session to avoid feeding during the shoot. Please dress him/her in large and easy-to-remove clothes so we don’t upset the baby while changing outfits. Refrain from vaccinations and other stresses immediately preceding the shoot. Please bring your own changing and feeding kit. The Studio is equipped with a changing station for your use. I STRONGLY recommend bringing a pacifier. You do not need to bring any outfits for the baby. I have an extended selection of outfits, and props to create the aesthetic that you see on my web site. If you are interested in a family portrait as well, please focus on bringing a few matching or harmonizing tops. For example, you and your partner can be wearing dark sweaters, white shirts, or pastel t-shirts. Please refer to the portfolio for inspiration!

Choosing Your Location

By default, your photography session will take place at Le Studio’s Brooklyn location. If you are interested in shooting at our Manhattan location, just select that option when booking your session. At home sessions are also available for the Newborn Complete Package for an additional $300. This additional cost covers the costs associated with transporting the props, camera gear, and professional lighting to your home. 

What to do While on Set

Transportation tends to soothe the baby to sleep. It is ideal for babies to be asleep when they arrive at the studio. We will try to keep the baby asleep by moving him/her very gently. Please supervise and stay near your child during the whole shoot, you may be asked to hold a prop or provide a pacifier in between shots if the baby is fussy. While I focus on taking nice photos, please focus on your children’s well-being. Happy parents, happy baby. The more relaxed you are the better your baby will feel. If your baby begins to cry, we will change, feed and soothe your baby until he/she calms down. It is very rare for a baby to cry for the whole session. If it happens we will reschedule. Again, I do strongly recommend bringing a pacifier on the shoot.

The Retouching Process

You will receive all the photos taken during your photoshoot, I will edit out the blinks, blurs, and obvious ‘in-between shots’ that sometimes come with my style of direction. All the images in this selection will be treated with a Basic Retouching, which means they will be cropped, color corrected and ready to print. 

Each package comes with a fixed number of Artistically Retouched images. I can also retouch additional images for $25 per image. I like the retouching to look absolutely natural. 

Good retouching is imperceptible. My retouching style retains skin texture while maintaining natural shading and highlights. I will remove blemishes and scratches, smooth out wrinkles, and dark circles. Upon request, I will be happy to hide double chins, extra weight, as well as whiten teeth or improve the look of your hair by removing frizzy hairs and improving the overall appearance of your hair. I strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

Recieving Your Images

Expect to receive a download link containing the photographs from our session within 2 weeks after the shoot. You will receive your prints in 30 days. Rush delivery is available upon request. If you are interested in printing more images on your own, I recommend Adorama’s printing services. Their online service is convenient, reasonably priced, and of high quality. Information about their services can be found here: For greeting cards, postcards, and specialty products, I recommend Tinyprints. Their website is You are free to use these images for your personal use and self-promotion. Even though Le Studio maintains the copyrights, we are very flexible and want you to get the most use out of your photos. Please tag us on social media publications! 

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