Lea, Le Studio’s Portrait Photographer, Will Offer You High-Quality Headshots, Perfectly Crafted to Enhance Your Professional Profile.

Lea will make you feel at home and strive to create the perfect professional headshot for you. The studio will provide more than 30 background colors to choose from, as well as the best technology and lighting equipment on the market. Onset, clients are welcome to review images during the shoot until we get the perfect lighting, expression, and style for your portrait.

Lea Is an Award Winning Portrait and Headshot Photographer, at Your Service to Create Career Boosting Headshots!

Lea established Le Studio NYC in Brooklyn, New York City 10 years ago. The studio team will be ready to work with you to produce the best possible portrait based on your needs. Lea will help you feel comfortable throughout the shoot all the while making sure you look your best. Take a look at Lea’s Adult Portraits Portfolio showcase her fantastic portraits.

Le Studio Offer High-end Retouching for Your Professional Headshots

Our goal is to execute retouches that look natural and seamless. Your retouched images will retain skin texture while keeping shading and highlights naturally. We can remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and dark circles. Furthermore, our expert retoucher is able to eliminate double chins and extra weight, as well as whiten teeth or improve hair color. More importantly, Le Studio professional retoucher will strive to make you look your absolute best while still looking like yourself.

Please Take a Look at Lea’s Blog Posts on How to Prepare for Your Professional Headshot.

Whether you are looking for a CEO headshot, a writer’s portrait or a doctor headshot, preparing for your portrait matters. While preparing for your professional portrait, keep in mind that the final portrait is a reflection of all the decisions made along the way. Therefore, we recommend that you pay great attention to all the little details, from having a perfect and well-ironed top to getting your hair professionally styled. Every seemingly inconsequential detail comes together to bring you a headshot that professionally defines you. Coming to your photo shoot well- prepared and optimize your photoshoot. You can take a look at Lea’s Blog post offering 10 Tips to Prepare for Professional Photoshoot.

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Read Testimonials About Le Studio NYC Professional Headshots.

“I needed a professional photo and Lea made herself available and did such a terrific job I will go back to her the next time I need one. This means a lot since I live in Oregon! She is an artist and she is a delight.” Linda Carroll

“I needed professional headshots taken and I needed them immediately. Le Studio came through with the kind of customer service that every small business should pride themselves on. Lea rearranged her own schedule to come in on an early Sunday morning to accommodate me. Lea’s direction technique helped with my shy demeanor in front of the camera and she delivered confident professional headshots. If you need excellent headshots and customer service, go to Le Studio. Ask for Lea.” Zane Cacace