Cake Smash Pricing

 I am happy to customize a package based on your needs and budget. Please visit the Pricing and FAQ section ; or Book Your Session Online Now. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions that you might have. 

COVID UPDATE:  The studio, props, and gear are cleaned thoroughly between each shoot. My spacious 1,500 square-foot, 16ft ceiling studio is open by appointment only. All the staff is up to date with their COVID vaccination and we will wear a mask for the entire shoot. Please call me to discuss any specific concerns.

Cake Smash Essentials
From 9 months to 36 months
30-Minute Studio Session
1 Outfit and Staged Set
Cake Smash with Furs & Flowers
Outfits, Props, and Styling Included
10 High-Resolution Digital Images
2 Artistically Retouched Images
License for Unlimited Personal Use
Cake Smash Complete
From 9 months to 36 months
1-Hour studio session
3 Outfits and Staged Sets
Cake Smash with Furs & Flowers
Baby Bed and Bathtub Blast
Outfits, Props, and Styling Included
30 High-Resolution Digital Images
4 Artistically Retouched Images
License for Unlimited Personal Use

Extra Family Member – $100

Each additional parent, sibling, or pet is an extra $100. This fee includes, for each extra additional Family Member, 10 minutes extra time to your session.

Brooklyn Carroll Gardens Location – no extra fee!

Our session will take place at our Brooklyn Carroll Gardens Location, a spacious 1,500 square-foot, 16ft ceiling photography studio. We have very easy parking and elevator access for your convenience.

Union Square Location – $250

Our session will take place at our convenient Union Square location.

On-site or At-home Session – $250

Experience a high-end newborn, baby, or family session in the comfort of your own home with equal results. The choice of props, scenic backgrounds, and styling is identical to studio photoshoots. You do not need to worry about lighting, as I will bring professional studio lighting equipment. On-site shoots are available for Complete and Deluxe Sessions only, in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Please inquire about a custom travel fee if you are based elsewhere. I can travel nationally or internationally.

Artistic Retouching – $50 per image

I strive to make my models look their absolute best while still looking like themselves. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples and the FAQs in this email for details.


How do I prepare the baby for the session?

If possible, we ask that you please feed and change the baby right before your session to avoid feeding during the photoshoot. It would be helpful for us if you avoid scheduling vaccinations and/or other potential causes of stress before coming to the photoshoot. The more relaxed you are the better your baby will feel.

When should I schedule a Cake Smash photoshoot?

You can decide to set up the session when the baby is between 9 months and 16 months old, or for your child’s birthday if you want to celebrate that day in a very special way! Please book the session ahead of time to make sure I have availability. The Cake Smash Retainer allows you to save a spot in my schedule while you decide which package you prefer.

What should I do on the set?

There is space in the studio for you to relax and have coffee or tea. Please stay near your child during the photoshoot. If your baby is fussy, we may ask you to play your child’s favorite youtube video, sing a preferred song, or pull out a special treat. I will also help create an atmosphere that is calm, but joyful, for a successful photoshoot.

What if my child has baby acne or scratches?

If baby acne or scratches are visible, it will be removed in your final Artistic Retouching. Each package comes with a different quantity of retouched images. Please refer to the price list for more information. Extra retouched images are available upon request. In the case of a rash, or severe dryness it may be better to wait for the medicine to take effect and reschedule five days after the doctor visit. If you have doubts, please reach out and send me a photo of your baby for verification.

Can parents, siblings, family members or pets be included in the session?

Yes, parents, siblings, family members or pets can be included in the session. When you book your session please add the “Family Add On” to your Package.

What kind of cake should I bring?

The studio provides a selection of faux-cakes in multiple colors matching your selected color of outfit and props. We offer yogurt and whipped cream to create a messy smashing effect on your baby’s hands and face. If you wish, you are welcome to bring your own real cake in a matching color. The cake’s size should be about 6”, you can order a cake in a bakery or bring a homemade one. All the colors of the rainbow look amazing! Yellow, green, blue, pink…I only discourage the use of red and brown cakes, as the result could resemble a horror movie!!! ????

Is there time to take some photos without the cake smash?

Yes! If you choose the Cake Smash Essentials there will be pre-cake photos. However, if you choose the Cake Smash Complete, there will be pre-cake photos on a beautiful baby bed, an outfit change, the Cake Smash itself, and a Bathtub Blast.

Which outfit should I choose for my baby and my family portrait?

I have an extended selection of baby outfits, and props to create the stylized photos that you see on my website but please feel free to bring different options. I offer an extended selection of baby outfits, faux cakes, and props for you to choose from. Feel free to bring personal items as well. Our signature sets include simple portraits with Furs and Flowers, Baby Bed, and Bathtub Blast.For your family portrait please focus on bringing a few matching or harmonizing tops. For example, you and your partner can wear cashmere sweaters, t-shirts or blouses in a similar tone. Off-white, grey, pastel colors or a simple black generally work well. Please refer to the portfolio for inspiration!

What if my baby cries the whole session?

With 15 years of experience shooting newborns and babies, I have developed many techniques to soothe your little one and work with and around possible tears. It is normal for a baby to get fussy at some point during the photoshoot. We will change, feed and comfort them until they calm down. I do strongly recommend that you bring a pacifier to the photoshoot. It is very rare for a baby to cry the whole session, and if it happens we will reschedule.

What should I bring to my session?

The Studio is equipped with a changing station, white noise machine, electric blanket, and countless props and outfits to create a comforting experience and unique photos of your little one. If you wish to integrate a specific prop or sentimental item, please bring it along. We kindly ask that you bring your own changing kit and feeding kit. I do strongly recommend bringing a pacifier to the shoot.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Your appointment can be rescheduled without charge up to 48h before the shoot. The deposit is not refundable.

What are the High-Resolution Digital Images?

After your photoshoot, you will receive an online gallery with all the photos we took during your session for your review. Each package comes with a certain number of High-Resolution Digital Images that you will be able to download from your online gallery. You will also be able to purchase more images than offered in your package, extra Artistic Retouchings as well as Prints and Enlargements.

What is Artistic Retouching?

With the Artistic Retouching, I will remove or reduce any imperfections to improve the overall image, both background, and subject. This includes skin and silhouette enhancement. I remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, eczema, dry patches, and erase dark circles. My style retains skin texture while keeping shading and highlights natural.  I strive to make my models look their absolute best while still looking like themselves. Please refer to the before/after gallery for examples.

Where will the session take place?

Le Studio Portrait Photography NYC has two locations, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. We also offer in-home sessions with identical options and results.

Our Brooklyn studio is located at 14 Verona street suite 2D. The 1,500 square-foot, 16ft ceiling studio has elevator access and easy parking. You will probably be able to park right in front of the building at our Brooklyn location! 

Our Manhattan Studio is conveniently located in the center of the city in Union Square, at 873 Broadway, suite 503.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. It will be a pleasure to help you prepare for a session or find either Le Studio NYC location.

How long after the photoshoot will I receive my photos? Is there a fast turn around available?

You will receive your High-Resolution Digital Images two weeks after your photoshoot. From there you will be able to select your Artistic Retouching. Two weeks after submission you will receive your retouched images.  

A fast turnaround is available for an additional $100 rush fee. We will deliver your downloadable gallery link of High-Resolution Digital Images within three days instead of two weeks. After that, you will be able to select photos for your Fine Art Retouching and can also have them delivered within three days instead of two weeks for another $100 rush fee.

What are my usage rights for the photographs?

You are free to use the images from your photoshoot for your personal use and for self-promotion. Even though Le Studio maintains copyright for all photos, we are very flexible and want you to get the most use out of your photos. Please tag us on social media when you publish your photos! To credit us please add www.lestudionyc.com or @leacartierstudio.