Actor Headshots Photographer: Creative and Unique

We offer unique and professional headshots, just ask some of our satisfied clients:

“I am an Actor/Comedian, so i’ve often found trouble finding a portrait photographer that is creative enough to understand how to help me to express myself in a portrait. Lea, the photographer, knew how to get quality professional shots of me, that managed to showcase my quirky and over the top personality, without being cheesy. Le Studio NYC is at the top of my list for portrait photography in the city. Lea, the professional photographer made me feel free and open while giving valuable and knowledgeable suggestions.”

Martin L.

Comedians, actors, and musicians from all areas of New York City come to Le Studio’s unique actor headshots photographer.

Our professional photographer understands that communication between the photographer and the client is extremely important, resulting in unique and personal headshots. We encourage you to take a look at Lea’s portfolio and to add us on Facebook for frequent updates.