5 essential tips for your newborn photoshoot!

You fell in love the minute you saw your baby and you want to remember every minute of these special days forever. Follow our five essential tips to make sure you and your baby have a great session that documents this magical time in your lives.





By scheduling in advance, I will be prepared for when your baby decides to make their special arrival!

Most photographers will only do newborn sessions when infants are between 5 to 14 days old when the baby is sleepy, small and flexible for cute photos. Please try to book during that time to ensure the best results. However, even if you have passed that time, don’t worry, I will be able to deliver beautiful photos of your child regardless! Our newborn sessions are customized for babies up until eight months.

For a newborn photoshoot, I invite you to reserve your spot in my schedule as soon as possible by booking a Newborn Retainer and selecting your package later.


Once your baby is born, we will schedule the photo shoot and discuss the styling of your photographs over a phone consultation. I am always happy to customize a package based on your needs and budget. To book your session, please choose your preferred time on our calendar or give me a call.





Review my portfolio ahead of time. Do you want a pink, blue, or beige knit set? A flowery basket or simple furs? I have many options for a unique and special fine art newborn photo. 


During your phone consultation, I will ask you to share your favorite photo from my portfolio before the shoot. This helps me lay out all the right props before you arrive. For a stress-free experience, it is important for you to take the time before the session to choose the styling and type of photo you want. 


If you wish to integrate a specific prop or sentimental item, please bring it along.




With 15 years of experience shooting newborns and babies, I have developed many techniques to soothe your little one to sleep and work with and around possible tears.


The goal is for the baby to be and stay asleep during the photo shoot. The few hours leading up to the shoot, please try to keep your newborn engaged and tired. If possible, we ask that you please feed and change the baby right before your session to avoid feeding during the shoot. 


Transportation tends to soothe the baby to sleep. We will try to keep the baby asleep by moving them very gently. Please dress them in large and easy-to-remove clothes so we don’t upset the baby while changing outfits. 

It would be helpful for us if you avoid scheduling vaccinations and/or other potential causes of stress before coming to the shoot.




It is helpful if you feed your baby 30 minutes or so before your photo session so they will be ready to sleep. Warm milk equals a happy, model-ready baby!  It is normal for a baby to get fussy at some point during the photo shoot. We will change, feed and cuddle the baby until they fall back asleep. I do strongly recommend bringing a pacifier to the photoshoot. We kindly ask that you bring your own feeding and changing kit. 





About 30 minutes before the session, change your baby’s diaper into a loose and clean diaper and swaddle them. Dressing them in easy-to-remove clothing beforehand will save us time. A loose diaper is best because it will avoid creating red diaper marks on their tiny waist and delicate skin.




We know that excursions with your new infant are stressful, but if you remain calm and assured, so will your little one! 

If you want to be involved, you may help hold a prop or offer a pacifier in between shots if the baby is fussy. The Studio is equipped with a changing station, white noise machine, electric blanket, and countless props and outfits to create a comforting experience and unique photos of your little one. 

If you need anything at any point during the shoot, please let us know. We have coffee and tea, strong wifi access, comfortable seating, and a private room for calls need be.

Sometimes Dad and siblings join for the first 10 or last 10 minutes of the newborn session for the family photos.

This is a sweet moment that you will remember for life with heirloom artwork!