NYC Child Photographer: Fun and Exciting!

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Pink and yellow seemed the perfect color combination to illustrate the liveliness of that little girl. We just had to give her that colorful lolly, she did the rest! Nothing better than such a cute smile to wake up with the sun!

Our NYC child photographer creates exciting and colorful portraits for families in Brooklyn and the neighboring boroughs.

Visit Lea’s portrait portfolio to see more images from our experienced children’s photographer. If you would like to schedule a kid’s portrait or family portrait, contact us here. We have provided family portraits for the East Village, Bowling Green, and the Lower East side, as well as many other NYC areas.

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Baby Portrait Photographer for Manhattan Families

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At the beginning of our baby portrait session, this little girl showed some signs of shyness. As we well understand how intimidating it can be to be in front of a camera, my crew put some music on, and we all started to play along with it. Having fun is a very important value of our studio. She gained confidence along the way, revealing her most charming looks.

Our professional baby portrait photographer takes beautiful portraits for families in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Visit Lea’s baby photography portfolio to see more examples of her work. We receive customers for baby portraits from Prospect Heights or Carol Garden, as well as many other locations throughout NYC. To stay in touch with us and to see our updates, follow us on Facebook!

Actor Headshot Photographer in New York City

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Our actor headshot photographer will provide you with custom headshots that will elevate your career to new heights!

If you are searching for corporate or actor headshots, take a look at Lea’s portfolio. We have worked with individuals throughout Manhattan, including Soho, Tribeca, and the West Village. For frequent updates from our professional portrait studio, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Brooklyn Family Portrait Photographer: Vibrant and Colorful

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When a big sister and her little brother are together there will surely be big smiles and playful teasing. This colorful pair is full of imagination and genuine happiness. Lea’s Brooklyn studio provides your children with a space that they’ll be comfortable in, resulting in natural portraits that show your family’s true personality.

Our Brooklyn family portrait photographer will help you get photos that will bring smiles for generations.

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Professional Headshots: Sophisticated and Elegant

Let our skilled photographer provide you with professional headshots to help you advance in your field.

Individuals from many different professions, including actors, writers, and musicians, have come to our Brooklyn studio for the highest quality headshots. Lea’s Adult Portraits Portfolio showcases her fantastic portraits. To stay in touch and to receive updates from our professional photography studio, follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.